Real Estate Property and Sale Guarantee

Disfruta de Excelentes Beneficios

FACEBANK is responsible for guaranteeing funds in dollars resulting from the sale of real property in your country, are deposited in your account at the time of conveyance of the property as per your instructions (registry, notary, or other means of verification). This guarantee also protects the buyer's funds will not be released to the seller until the documents are executed.

This product allows a certificate of deposit opened by the buyer to remain as a guarantee in FACEBANK in favor of the seller. Once the contract of sale of the property in reference is executed, the value of the certificate will be released to the seller. If the transfer of ownership has not been signed by the expiration date of this guarantee, the certificate remains free and can be withdrawn by the buyer.

How to request: Usted puede solicitar los documentos para la garantía directamente a través de su Representante de Servicio al Cliente.

For more information about the excellent benefits of this product, contact your business development facilitator or send us an email to


A novel intrument

You can place your certificates of deposit, or those of your company in FACEBANK as a collateral in favor of another bank and in another currency. Through this new instrument, your local bank can extend a guaranteed of credit for the value of your placement in US Dollars.


  • You can cover your fund requirements in another currency without having to exchange your US Dollars for the local currency, eliminating the risk for changes in the exchange rate.

  • Your funds placement as a collateral continues earning interest

  • The cost of issuing a collateral guarantee is substantially less than the cost of a “Stand By” Letter of Credit

  • We can divide the guarantee and the conditions in the way that you indicate